Saturday, July 30, 2011

Albert Haynesworth brings a lot of concern

This is the best thing you will upon the decision of Bill Belichick, one can say the 2013 fifth-round pick yesterday's trading for the most reluctant warriors of the NFL, the former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, then two more late-round Cincinnati Bengals for mercurial receiver Chad Ochocinco.

The worst thing you can say? Haynesworth in this case is easy.

• The refusal to try the remote, which paid him $ 41 million the Redskins in the last two years, including 34 million in the first 13 months in Washington to win?

• need 10 attempts, a fitness race where it looked like a drowning man in his own bacon happened?

• Failure to stop reading the newspaper or talking on his mobile phone during the team meetings?

• from the Redskins for the last four games last year for the disabled, who co-head coach Mike Shanahan called "his refusal to serve in a number of ways?''

• Stomping on the head unhelmeted Dallas Cowboys center Andre GURODEM, an act of self Haynesworth as "ekelhaft''und for him the longest suspension bridge for a foul on the ground in the history of the NFL?

• Twice into battle with friends in Tennessee, the second time, resulting in a one-game suspension for punching one in the back of the head during an argument?

• Complaints about how the former Redskins defensive coordinator Greg ran 4-3 in the defense, and Blache next year defensive coordinator Jim Haslett is dismal 3-4, refused to play the bottom of the Haynesworth, in the ? First or second

• As such a fool as his original employer, the Titans to give him something close to a competitive offer, if it became a free agent after the team All-Pro first went in last two seasons?

Or should we get down to business?

• Road Rage pay a charge out of court in Virginia, and is on a similar charge after claiming that it was a woman driver in another car has stopped raging?

• to trial in August for allegedly fondling a waitress in a strip club with his credit card to try their division, then in his card, well, you can think of punch.

• sideswiping a car as he would drive 103 miles in 65 hours on the highway in his black Ferrari, who is partially paralyzed and Corey Edmonson over 250,000 dollars in hospital after spinning into a concrete attack ?

• As stupid enough to do the imitation top NASCAR 4 days after administration of probation for driving 100 mph on I-65?